INSA Toulouse offers a diploma in "Safety Engineering", entirely online on our SEAMOnLine platform.

You choose 9 training Units from among those offered on SEAMOnLine, covering a variety of safety topics

You complete each of these 9 Units (equivalent to 15 hours' training each) and obtain the associated certificates.

After having your identity verified, you register for the final exam. It will cover three of the nine Units completed. A month before the exam, you will be informed of the choice of these three Units, so that you can prepare for it.

The exam itself will take place online.

Taking the Units

You can take these 9 Units asynchronously (when you want), and at your own pace, according to your availability (when you can).

Taking the Units is free of charge in order to promote the dissemination of knowledge about the safety of industrial installations and products.

At the end of each Unit, you can access a Certificate, if we consider your participation to be serious. You are informed in real time of this assessment (as the activities progress) by a gauge giving 3 indications: Red (very poor participation), Orange (fair participation), and Green (serious participation).

The fee for obtaining a certificate attesting to the seriousness of taking the Units is 15 Euros per Unit. This amount is paid online.

You can obtain a certificate at any time for Units you have already completed if you have taken them seriously.

Exam Terms and Conditions

An online exam is organised at a date and time chosen by INSA Toulouse. Candidates must apply for the exam at least two months before it takes place, accepting the exam conditions summarised below.

Before enrolling for an exam, candidates must ensure that they have the IT resources (computer, Internet connection, camera and smartphone) required for a supervised online exam.

As soon as they register for an exam (i.e. at least two months before the exam), candidates must

  1. Confirm their identity on the website (surname, first name, etc.) and provide a copy of their passport or French national identity card to verify their identity
  2. Pay the €365 examination fee online

One month before the exam, if the candidate's identity has been validated and if the exam fees have been received by INSA Toulouse, the candidate is informed of the choice of the 3 Units (among the 9 Units taken) on which the questions will be based. The choice of Units and questions is the sole responsibility of INSA Toulouse; this choice is accepted by the candidate. This one-month period allows the candidate to revise these 3 Units in preparation for the exam.

During the online supervised examination, the candidate's identity is checked again.

These requirements are detailed on the website.

Total cost of the diploma

Nine certified Units are required to take the exam, i.e. 135 Euros (9 times 15 Euros).

The examination registration fee is 365 Euros.

For a total of 500 euros.