We believe in cooperation between academic institutions and companies to spread knowledge in industrial safety and thus save many lives and protect environment. The educational resources published on this site come from many organizations. INSA brings its expertise in educational engineering and multimedia engineering to transform your knowledge into educational resources. Contact us to work together for a safer world: seamonline@insa-toulouse.fr

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We welcome all proposals for contributions to Units, Parts of Units, or even a complete Module. The motivations of the contributors are varied and often multiple:

  1. Participate in the dissemination of knowledge and thus improve safety that is, as a result, save lives or avoid damage to the environment. This is certainly the essential motivation.
  2. Make available to the community a skill acquired over many years so that this expertise is not lost.
  3. Highlight the expertise of a company, university or person in the field of safety. For a company, this highlights its commitment to operate safely. For a consulting firm or a university, this contribution makes its expertise known to future clients or students.


Our business model is based on the “Sharing economy”. INSA, in order to disseminate the knowledge in safety, supports the development of the online version. INSA does not require any property rights over the resources developed (videos, documents, etc.) but a right of free use through this site. As a result, the author of the resources can develop other activities around online resources such as face-to-face courses to extend the achieved knowledge. 

The modest amount of payment of certificates attesting the termination of each Unit (15 Euro), is used by INSA to cover part of the development costs:

  • Educational engineer to suggest scenario, to implement resources on the Learning Management System (LMS), etc.
  • Multimedia engineer to select the appropriate technologies, to develop the resources, etc.
  • Project manager to manage the cooperation with the authors, etc.
  • Computer engineer to manage the LMS on the servers, etc.
  • Community manager to consider the users.

Remember that the certificate application is not mandatory; consequently, the knowledge can be acquired for free.


Do not hesitate to contact us.

Pr. Gilles MOTET

Head of “Safety Engineering and Management”

Director of “SEAM On Line”

Mail: seamonline@insa-toulouse.fr

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