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  • Process Safety is about saving lives, avoiding injuries and protecting the environment. News bulletins remind us constantly that accidents occur all too often in industrial processes. The industries concerned range from small-scale fine chemical production to oil refining to food processing to processing agricultural waste products. 
    The problems can be summed up as the “big three”: fires, explosions and releases of toxic materials. Understanding the causes of such accidents is essential to avoiding them in the future. 
    Your role, if you accept it, is to do just that and to advise plant managers and designers of industrial installations on how to avoid such accidents. As a Process Safety Engineer you will have a pivotal role in risk management. Following the online course is your first step on the road to getting there.

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    M4 Photo Simon Egan           

    Simon EGAN is a recognized Process Safety expert with 30 years industrial experience Rhône-Poulenc, Rhodia and now Solvay.  He is a member of several committees responsible for international standards on static electricity and pressure relief systems.  He has spent the last three years working on the Process Safety module of INSA’s online course in Safety Engineering and ManagementHe is the author of Units 1 to 7.


    Fulbert Baudoin is an Associate Professor at the University of Toulouse (France). His research deals with the electrical characterization of dielectric material, to identify the mechanisms leading to ageing or breaking. They apply to energy, transport and aerospace sectors. He teaches instrumentation for chemical facilities as well as various diagrams used to represent a process of chemical industries. He is the author of the Units 8 (P&ID diagram) and 9 (Instrumentation).