INSA Toulouse (France) offers two types of Industrial Safety training, developed in conjunction with professionals.

The INSA Toulouse “Safety Engineering” diploma is obtained entirely online on SEAMOnLine: online study of 9 Units, online registration for the exam, and finally an online exam. It corresponds to approximately 180 hours of study. Its aim is to recognise the acquisition of knowledge in safety engineering. The choice of 9 Units means that you can either focus on one industrial safety theme (e.g. 9 Units in the "Process Safety" module), or combine several aspects of different themes (e.g. 2 Units in the "Process Safety" module, 2 Units in "Safety Management", 1 Unit in "Functional Safety", etc.).


The “Safety Engineering and Management” Advanced Master's course (SEAM) is entirely face to face at INSA Toulouse. The first part covers all aspects of industrial safety over 27 weeks (1,200 hours of study). This part includes lectures, case studies, projects, meetings with professionals and visits to industrial sites. The second part is a 6-month internship in a company (30 ECTS). Its aim is to recognise the acquisition of safety engineering and management skills. We will assist you in your search for this internship.

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